Welcome to Caribbean Seaside Corporation N.V.
Caribbean Seaside Corporation N.V. was born from a desire to merge proven experience with the opportunities that the new global tourism market has to offer. Our professionals’ grounded and proven knowledge of both European and American client markets and Caribean destinations. The use of new sales methods allow us to offer our clientele unbeatable services.


The range of services on offer at Caribbean Seaside Corporation N.V. encompasses many facets of commercialisation, ranging from promotion at trade fairs and bespoke marketing plans to yield management, thereby allowing clients to react to critical occupancy situations with the required levels of dynamism.

Thanks to our use of new technologies, clients are able to do direct business over the Internet.

Likewise, our excellent ties with both traditional and virtual tour operators, as well as with direct clients, have resulted in strategic agreements that provide our clients with a trump card when it comes to negotiating sales. This entire range of advantages allows clients to improve and simplify the task of commercialising their products, including those aimed at groups and incentive plans, and to benefit from alliances with leading operators.

In addition, the experience of Caribbean Seaside Corporation N.V. in emerging countries helps all our clients to expand, this being a vital step for all hotel companies operating in this enormously competitive market, in which it is essential to minimise risk and enjoy the security obtained from diversifying destinations and products.

Marketing audits

It is recommended that an audit be performed at the beginning of every business relationship. Obtaining information is essential, as it allows Caribbean Seaside Corporation N.V. to attain a clear idea about where the business is and what it has, which makes it possible to take advantage of all of the opportunities on the market and overcome the weaknesses shown in terms of its own structure. Gathering information will enable Caribbean Seaside Corporation N.V. to define and quantify the cost of activities that must also be carried out.

Caribbean Seaside Corporation N.V. follows standardised procedures, and it offers the entire range of services and activities listed below

Market analysis

Analysing the market situation is one more part of the audit process and it requires the following criteria to be studied in detail:


    • Destinations
    • Competition
    • Markets of origin
    • Customer profiles
    • Results report
    • Media Plan

The Media Plan is also part of the Marketing Plan and encompasses the following activities:


    • Inclusion in catalogues, brochures or other promotional materials pertaining to associated businesses or own materials.
    • Creation of a directory suiting the needs of each product: design, drafting, translation and printing.
    • Negotiation (by volume of products) and purchasing of advertising spaces in various written, radio and visual media.
    • Press Office.
    • Participation in the group’s press releases.
    • Organisation of fam trips for specialised media.
    • Corporate mailings.
    • Creation of corporate image, style book.
    • Personalised stand design.
    • Yield Management.

The diverse advising provided by Caribbean Seaside Corporation N.V. is also reflected in yield management based on the following activities:


    • Analysis and optimisation of occupancies.
    • Maximisation of rates.
    • Reactivity of last-minute sales.
    • Sales comparisons between the group’s different markets and destinations.
    • Sales synergy between hotels that are part of the marketing firm´s portfolio.
    • Gestión de e-Business

Thanks to the rapid penetration of wideband technologies and Internet protocol, there is an ONLINE reality, which makes it possible for customers to be approachable and accessible wherever they are.

Caribbean Seaside Corporation N.V. provides you with optimal tools to market your hotel through virtual channels, thus obtaining increased profitability and income through direct booking services.

Caribbean Seaside Corporation N.V. will manage the hotel´s booking and the hotel´s presentation for both Europe and NorthAmerica in the following virtual channels :


  • The hotel´s own website.
  • The Caribbean Seaside Corporation N.V. website.
  • The Call Centres as support services.
  • Online B2B portals (wholesalers) and B2C portals (retailers).
  • Global Distribution Services (GDS/ADS).